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Everyone waiting for Donald Trump to grace late night television is getting their wish answered next week, as the GOP candidate is scheduled to make an appearance on the Jimmy Fallon show.
While casual television fans may see this as “another interview,” this segment between these two could be a pivotal point in the careers of both people involved.
According to Deadline, “Trump, currently the GOP presidential race front-runner, will sit down with Jimmy Fallon and discuss his campaign and other issues of the day on that politically charged date.”
This is a HUGE interview for both parties. For Trump, this will be his first appearance on NBC since he was fired after his controversial remarks about immigrants. For Fallon, this is one of the first tight spots in regards to guests on the show. We all have grown to love Fallon and the show due to it’s light hearted approach, but the question must be asked: can he ask the tough questions? With Colbert joining the late night television realm, Fallon must display his range as a host or he could lose viewers (and interview opps) to Colbert.

This one is sink or swim for both guys. How do you guys think Fallon and Trump will do?

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I think the two will make for hilarious television. awesome.