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Good news T-Pain fans, as the talented emcee is prepping for the release for his fifth studio album Stoicville: the Phoenix. The album is set to drop in November.
Looking to spread the news of his upcoming album. T-Pain has gone on a strong press run to promote the music. Earlier this week the talented musician made an appearance at the Dodgers-Giants game to sing a rendition of “The Star Spangled Banner.”

The performance was unforgettable.

Just incase hip-hop heads needed more proof that T-Pain doesn’t need autotune to show off his musical chops, he proves again just how talented he is with this performance.
Teddy P was electric throughout the song. Fans and players seemed moved and surprised with range and passion T-Pain delivered the song with.
Personally, I thought The performance was a great success. Moments like this have to sway the casual T-Pain fan in the direction of listening to this album when it drops in November.
It seems as if Teddy is hell bent on showcasing his range as a musician on this next tape. The bar is set pretty high on this one, will you give him a listen as well?
I was gonna come in here hating, saying something about autotune, then I watched that video, and you know what? more power to the man. he has some actual singing chops. good stuff, T Pain.
something looks off with this picture. are you sure this is T-pain