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thank you @ LaurenAntoine make sure to check out her post/challenge cause it's Just brilliant
My real name is Richella but people call me Chella or Chell
I'm from the Caribbean from a small island called Aruba
I'm a fangirl
my fandom Bigbang almost the whole YG stan
G Dragon is my Bias/Ultimate Bias
G dragon - Window is my ultimate fav song
iris is my fav kpop drama my second is I am Sam
@kpopandkimchi yes it is but you always have the crazy people so it's not really normal I can't say that I love Dutch songs because I don't but other than that the Netherlands are great and no matter in what kinda state you are they're down to earth people
@chellax2112x Thats really interesting! My neighbors are from the Netherlands so they go back there to visit family often and I can tell they really miss it. Seems like a really lovely place to live!
whaaaat you're from Aruba!? That's awesome!!
@kpopandkimchi I was born from Aruba and when I was 4 I moved to the Netherlands