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Lee Jong Suk

Birthday 9/14/89 Height:6'1 I first fell for this adorable specimen in The secret garden where he played a gay musician...He gave such a terrific performance. In pinocchio he gave me goosebumps and the major feels. If you have not seen this drama what is wrong with you put it on your list...He is a very versatile actor and can play almost any type of character. Other works by him: I can hear your voice Doctor Stranger School 2013 Running man High Kick and High Kick revenge of the short legend No breathing Hot young bloods The face reader Return to Base (R2B) as one

Kim Woo Bin

Birthdate: 7/16/89. Height: 6'2 I First saw him in To the Beautiful you But I didn't really take notice of him until he gave me 2nd lead syndrome in the Heirs. His character literally broke my heart in that one. I watched him grow even more as an entertainer in the movie The Technicians (aka the Con Artists) but what sealed him as one of my favs was his comedic ability in the raunchy but hilarious Twenty. Other works: Vampire Idol A gentleman's diary Friend the great legacy White Christmas and School 2013

Kim Bum

Birthdate: 7/7/89. Height: 5'11 So here is another member of the F4 from Boys over flowers. He was such a cutie but had such great moments in the show. My heart went out to his character and embedded his acting skills right there. I cried with him. But my first drama with him was High Kick. His recently new drama Hidden Identity totally sealed him as a BAMF. like that show was amazing and the body language acting he did for his character was on point. I hope they make a second season of but before I get way off track can we just appreciate how much he has grown in skill. He is definitely one that will keep getting better with age. Other works: Flight, Young detective dee Rise of the sea dragon the woman who still wants to Marry that winter the wind blows Jung yi the goddess of fire
ok guys I promise part 3 later tonight... or tomorrow. Comment done below some of your favs or if you love these guys too.
😱😱😱 MY UB KIM BUM!!!
I really love Lee Jongsuk too! I'm mad I never finished the drama he was in with Woobin :/
I haven't watched the one with woo bin yet. I really need to watch school 2013. The thing is I started to but then got distracted