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I hope Kevin Gates has a good attorney on deck, because he will need one after the incident at the club this weekend.

On Friday (August 28) the New Orleans rapper brutally kicked a female fan in the front row during a recent concert because she grabbed his pants. According to Billboard, Kevin Gates is charged with simple battery.
The incident is clear as day in the video above. While in the midst of his set, the victim reached out and grabbed Gates at the pant leg during the set. Gates kicked the girl right after she grabbed him. Miranda, admitted herself to the hospital and had to undergo a CT scan after the incident.

This isn’t good for anyone.

Miranda’s mother, Kristy Irelan, spoke to WFLA about getting the news about her daughter. “She told me that she was excited to see him and next thing she knows she was kicked in the chest and she was passed out,” Kristy said.
Miranda’s mother felt that Gates action was in the wrong even if her daughter grabbed him first. “It pisses me off,” Irelan said. “I don’t care who you are – an NFL player, just a regular person or a rapper- you don’t come to anybody’s hometown and kick anybody- she did not deserve that.” She added: “You want to be famous, you gotta deal with it.”
This could be a brand diminishing moment for Gates. I can’t see this one going away without at least a settlement out of court. Hopefully he issues a public apology and rights this situation soon.