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Wait, what?
Sooooo, as many of you have probably noticed on my cards, I tend to take screenshots from MV's and edit them to make them my own and so that they are as Hi-Def as I can manage. Anyway, so I wanted to share some funny, and some disturbing screenshots I captured recently. Enjoy!
A gun? What are you doing Leo? !!!!!!!! WARNING !!!!!!!!! You will never be able to unsee this next one!!
To be honest, the longer I look at him, the funnier it gets!! 😸
Seriously, what IS that? It looks like a guy grabbing a girl's butt or something!! I'll try to confirm, or someone else can since I'm at work. Well, there you have it. Enjoy STARLIGHTS!!
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You're right. I can't unsee any of these 😂
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hahahahahahahah yeah i remember the gun but I still don't get it?????? what are they doing XD
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