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Today, after a crappy school day... it became one of my OTPs were true day. And yes, I just came up with that. On the other hand..... I was reading Fairy Tail....obviously...and a new chapter came out. I don't know it I'm late or not but it was Chapter 450 of Fairy Tail~ SPOILERS OF THE CHAPTER, WARNING SAID. DO NOT WHINE~ A few pages before the end... *fast breathing* when Mavis agreed to help Zeref.. *faster breathing* THEY KISSED!! YESSSSSSS! THEY WERE LOVERS....for a few seconds... I can't see if Mavis died...but it looks she did... And for people who wanted to know what it was...I'm SORRY~ CRUNCHY ROLL WON'T LET ME, I TELL YOU~ I SWEAR~~ Maybe you can find it on other apps or websites... :) Tell me friends, what was your reaction?
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@NerukaWong Haha, I know. I just want to jump in on the fangirling lol :)
@poojas I can fill you in. There migght be spoilers tho~
@NerukaWong oh man! I just finished reading that chapter this morning! I can't believe that's how Mavis died! Honestly, though, I don't know if it's really the case because of the curse. it definitely looks that way but it's hard to be sure. after all, she is encased beneath the guild, right? so maybe it's possible to bring her back? but I guess the fact that loving so much takes life away meant that Zeref's love for her was so powerful it beat her immortality.,
Gah. I know, right, @NerukaWong?!!!
@VinMcCarthy @ButterflyBlu It was a sad day...but we ZerefxMavis shippers have the reassurance THAT THIS SHIP HAS SAILED ITS DESGINED COURSE AND IS CANON!