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First if you didnt watch this you need to reevaluate your life and go watch it now lol second, I will say I was upset a jiyong for like 2 seconds because he died his hair and I loved the orange but its okay because hes still cute. third am I the only who feels as if this live stream reminded you of a little kid who stole there moms phone and was just taking random videos haha
just a friendly reminder hes 28 because I honestly couldn't tell with all the cuteness
and in case you couldn't tell by the million times ive said it lol kwon Jiyong is seriously the love of my life , I love him more than I love John Cena and thats saying alot because john Cena has been my husband since I was 5
i couldn't watch it cause of work but i can't find a video of it either T.T
@xroyalreisx it should be on the v app and I was at work too but luckily got to watch some it should be on there