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Dear First Love,

Thanks to you, you broke her down and she built herself up. How can you treat someone who showed you so much love and so much respect, so cold? She doesn't even know who you are, she only knows who you used to be [or claimed to be]. I mean yeah, it was all good for the moment and then you suddenly changed like the seasons. For what reason? You had something good and you missed your shot. You could've been Michael Jordan fourth quarter in 1992.
She wasn't perfect, but she was close enough. Like any relationship, there will be ups and there will be downs. She literally put up with you through it all [we won't speak on everything], but she was what rappers would refer to as a down a** chick. She was down when you were down and she was down when you were out. She stayed down until she couldn't take too much more.
She looked up to you at times she couldn't even look up to herself. She loved you. Like literally loved you. Sad to say, she loved you when she couldn't even find the courage to love herself. You made her crazy [in both a positive and negative aspect]. She was crazy in love. She was crazy about you and she was plain old crazy.
They say, "when you find a good thing, hold onto it". She held on for as long as she could. Eventually she had to let go and realize that in order for anything to ever work, she had to first love herself. She had to let go to realize her worth. She had to let go to realize that she deserved better. She had to let go to realize that sometimes love wasn't enough.
She wanted respect.
She wanted more.
She wanted you, but eventually she realized that not even you were enough.
Thanks again for showing her how a man should not treat a woman and helping her realize that she was and will always be worthy of more.

Kind Regards,

A Good Thing
Wow! This is exactly how I feel about my first love. I put so much of myself into it and as time went on I realize it wasn’t the best thing for me....because he wasn’t in it the way I was. It ended badly too. Sigh. Well, you learn what you can a move past it. I feel you @jordanhamilton and @Sydneyk33
Wow, thanks so much for reading and reply. Just know that with time all things get better. my first love and first boyfriend were together for 2 1/2 years, it took me awhile to get over him, but let me tell you once I did it was one of the best feelings ever. Talk about feeling better and the process of learning to love myself all over again, it was so worth it. I wish you peace :) @Sydneyk33
I feel like you've just read my mind and heart and put it into words. I just broke up with my boyfriend of a year and half, even though it broke my heart to do so. First loves. Never thought it'd be like this.
Definitely @nicolejb it happens to the best of us, but our first heartbreak leaves room for growth and a spot for someone all the more amazing who is in just as deep as we are :)
Totally! I really grew as a person and figured out what I want in a future partner @jordanhamilton