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Thanks for @AimeeH and @SharayahTodd for tagging me...
Q1) My real name is my name on vingle: Veronica Antoinette Artino. I'm 28 years young...
Q2) I originally hail from Cleveland Ohio...Now in Cape Coral Florida...
Q3) I am most definitely a Fangirl
Q4) I'm a multifandom girl but these are only a few above pictured and mentioned BigBang, Super Junior, Tablo, Jay Park, Dok2, BTS, Shinee, Infinite, Vixx, 2ne1 and so many more
Q5) My bias...ultimate bias is GD, top, Jay park, Dok2, V, L, just to name a few
Q6) my favorite songs are tablo bad and bigbang if you
Q7) fav kdramas I don't have a fav but I highly recommend: okay thats love, blood, you are beautiful, boys over flowers, city hunter, personal taste, hidden idetntity, heirs, playful kiss, secret garden, that time I loved you 7000 days, orange marmalade, switch girl, MASK and so many more
LOL. I'm shy but I'll do this, too. Give me some time to find a good pic of myself. BTW, my Vingle name is my real name. ^_^
Cool beans
@shannonl5 excitement sprinkles I can't wait
I'll do this too! And same here @DanRodriguez I was pretty uncreative lol
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