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Okay so in vixx my bias is Ravi...JK its Leo ♡♡♡♡ All of vixx is incredibly beauriful and talented and funny and and and but something about leo has got me unquestionably chosing him as ultimate bias in all of kpop....(amber is my beautiful female ultimate bias annny who)
first of all he is so adorable. his aegyo is flawless and not forced and when he does force it it becomes super aegyo.
He has a beautiful smile.....i just wish he would show it more :) his smiles give me life on the worst days
he is literally so sophisticatedly beautiful and sexy...(like imagine ouran host club but vixx version with the first two pictures)
his gaze at the camera....(also that heart gif....omo)
his body...nuff said
and lastly out of the reasons i can list off the top of my head is his voice is just so fucking beautiful....i dont wven know is sooo ughh. i cant. i just get chills...
@StephanieDuong tbh he was my first bias ever
Me too me tooooo (heart eyes hahaha) @AgentLeo you made a good bias choice lol
@StephanieDuong you bias him too?
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