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VIXX 30 Day Challenge: Day 1
I first discovered VIXX about 3 years ago when a regular at the coffee shop I worked at came in and told me about a K-Pop rave he had worked at as a DJ up in Vancouver, B.C.. He said that there was a great new kpop group that just performed in Canada and they are called VIXX. "Khryss, judging by the music you play here, I think these guys would be right up your alley!" So I took Pete's advice, went home and did some research on this hot new group VIXX, watched a couple videos and fell in love.
By this time VIXX wasn't really THAT new, but compared to Shinhwa and Big Bang, these young bloods we're new to me. I Fell in live with Hyde, Light Me Up and U R Gr8. I also fell in live with Leo's hair!
So, you can imagine how excited I was when LR became a thing and Beautiful Liar came out. Ever since my dbag boyfriend went crazy on me and we broke up, Beautiful Liar has been on repeat along with Big Bang's "Lets not Fall in Love".
Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing what other awesome stories are out there and what other questions will be asked during this challenge. THANKS @byeolbit!
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Awesome!!! The way you found vixx is really fun XD Light Me Up actually might be my favorite song (still deciding) so I'm glad you like it, too~
@byeolbit I like their earlier stuff, but when Hyde came out that's when I truly began liking them. the darker side of VIXX is super sexy.