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Okay! So today I reveal my bias! Now it's probably okay to list more than one, but in order for me not to go to the extreme; I have grounded myself from listing more than one T.T I'm so sorry me, but it has to be like this /~\ I fought with myself over who i was choosing. .. so sorry N, Ravi and Leo...
So *Drumroll* Feast your eyes below!!

Ta-Da! It's KEN

He's just so gorgeous, I just love this goofy precious goober! I seriously just want to hug my phone!! Can I pet him, or would that be to forward?

Caution: More Photos below!

Like how adorable can one person be?!?

*Stahp it Ken....*

I literally just lost all capability to can. I need Starbucks Coffee and UGGS Stat.... *Le Sigh* Disclaimer* No member of VIXX was harmed in the making of this card & I unfortunately do not own the beautiful guy or gif used in the card... I took the screenshot though. . @byeolbit here's challenge day #2
Wahhh hahaha ken is great!!!! Honestly any member could be my bias because I love them all so much. I'm always impressed at how ken can look so mature/manly but also act so cutesy XD too cute!
@byeolbit right! Like I had to literally fight with myself. I had to limit myself XD the whole card would be of every member XD Right?! Like how can he possibly do that? His smile is perfect