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Thank you @VeronicaArtino for tagging me in this challenge!
1. My real name is Bianca Petruniak but the reason why my username says Danica is because it's my moms maiden name and it's prettier than Petruniak.
2. I was born in New Jersey and grew up there until the end of 5th grade, then I moved during the summer before sixth grade to Pennsylvania! I miss New Jersey's food :(
3. I am most certainly a FANGIRL no doubt! LOL did you jump?!
4. My fandom is SHINee, GOT7, and 2PM! SHINee is my favorite though because I love all of their songs and they got me into K-pop ^-^
5. Onew is my #1 bias from SHINee but some others are Youngjae and JB from GOT7, and Taecyeon from 2PM! They are all so cute and funny ^_^ (So many JB gifs, he's so adorable)
6. Replay from SHINee will always be my favorite but right now I really like Beautiful Liar from VIXX LR!
7. Pinocchio because it is so cute, made me cry, and it's so funny. It has two amazing actors in it named Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Suk. They had great chemistry together which I loved, the story line was interesting and it never lost my attention. It is the best anime in my opinion!!! I don't know many K-pop users to tag and they have all been tagged already if I think of someone so if you see this I'm tagging you to do this! GOOD LUCK!!!
REPLAY FROM SHINEE YAAAAAS that was the first debut I waited for and it was so worth it!!
love it
@kpopandkimchi It's such an awesome song!