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I have been thinking lately and I have been wondering if anyone else thinks this is a good thing! But I really want to see GD, Zico, T.O.P do a collaboration together!
They are all amazing rappers, great song writer, and just a bunch of goofballs that I think if they got together for a song it be one of the best songs ever! Like I think it be amazing! Also thought maybe add Zelo and Jay park to the collaborations to it but idk if that be too much! But do yall think they should come together for a collaboration too???
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@Roxy1903 i had a dream about it, and thought that would be just amazing!
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You must have some pretty awesome dreams 😜
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It's was amazing to watch I will say that lo@Roxy1903
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I've seriously been thinking about this forever I think they would be perfect together. I think GD , Zico , Jay park and okasian would be perfect too
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