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Move over brides, grooms (and men in general), are moving from couch potato to fashion statement maker. Albeit small baby steps, these Chrisian Louboutin men's slippers are turning up in fashion spreads and the aisles of weddings. And despite being a Fall must-have, these are called Dandelion Spikes.
Not your typical patent leather rental, these black studded leather kicks take fancy to the next level. And by fancy, I'm talking about the type of vogue that is nuanced and not overtly showy.
Mixing soft matte black sheen with what appear to be a million points of light, the juxtaposition of flat black and the glass-like reflection from the spikes gives these shoes more than just movement; it gives them a life, almost on their own, without being over the top.
If he can afford the $1,395 price point, no doubt he's got more than enough money to pad your hobbies for the rest of your life!
Are you feeling these for your groom? Yay? Nay? Share your thoughts in the comments below!
@marshalledgar I know you'd wear these...almost as stylish as your Blue Westwoods
@NotReallyHere you're right!!!! good catch. how did you know? 馃榿馃槀馃槂馃槃
Are you sure you didn't mean to put these in your #gagging collection @marshalledgar?
inplainsight? @NotReallyHere