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OK so I'm crying like a baby right now... and I'm with my whole family so I'm getting really emotional watching this MV since EunB and Rise are u know...I'm getting all these stares like if I'm crazy and there making fun of me...I'm like have u guys never seen a person cry for someone they adore....I mean yeah that person may've not known you but I'm a fan of these amazing girls cut me some slack and let me cry in guys don't know how hard it is to lose a idol or someone u liked so leave me alone
I cried too watching it.....eun.b was my bias in this group so i feel the pain....i am currently wearing a black bow in mourning/remembrance of rise and her and people always give me weird looks when i answer why im wearing it....I always get emotional when i listen to that song.....I am not ready for the song the other members will be singing and be released on the day rise not ready, LADIES CODE FIGHTING
Omg yesss..I would've quit to there so strong @SHINeeIngGirl
I'm crying right w/you.... This is sad yet so beautiful that... I am left speechless. The strength these girls have...tbh I would've quit the industry.... but they're still moving forward. I just want to hug them.
Ikr!! The feels are real :) and yess this was amazing @kpopandkimchi
I still can't believe that this happened, but that was a really beautiful tribute to them!