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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. returns at the end of September, and the cast is overdue for a reckoning.

Since the tumultuous Season 1 finale, which revealed Ward was an undercover Hydra agent, fans have been wondering whether he and Skye (Daisy) will ever see eye to eye again. Their romance was cut short, but it's clear that there are still residual feelings between them. But will it be enough to counteract the fact that they're on opposite sides?
Executive Producer Jeff Bell had this to say (via):
"Ward fell for Agent 33 last year, and after Daisy had put a couple bullets in him, it sure felt to me like he'd moved on."
In the meantime, it sounds like Ward will be the one running Hydra, while Skye will be working with Coulson to lead the Secret Warriors.

But what about the ship?

Personally, I'm not rooting for them.

Ward lied, he kidnapped Bobbi, he's a little... unhinged. While Coulson's team has certainly made some mistakes, Skye has always tried to do what's right. When she was first introduced, she was trying to spread information that was being kept secret, because she truly believed that it was best for the world. Ward's loyalty to Hydra was so wrapped up in his plans for revenge, and he was so willing to be cruel for completely selfish reasons.
But... I could also be convinced to go down with this ship.
man, I guess I should give season 2 a try, if things like this transpired. In the beginning, Iwas all for this ship, but as it went on and Ward revealed himself as Captain Douchenozzle, I burned that ship, the dock, the whole boatyard. though this has reignited my interest in the show.
@VinMcCarthy that's good to hear! It was pretty rewarding to see her shoot him a little
@purplem00n23 yeah I feel like he's going to be really shaken after last season but he could probably join the Secret Warriors, that could bring them together!
@shannonl5 now I can get behind Skye and Lincoln
@BabyCakes00 for sure! I'll update you if I notice anything of course ^_^ @purplem00n23 that's totally fair. I'd actually like to see Skye and Lincoln together I think
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