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If you're in the thick of things, planning your wedding, then you probably already know about the gift exchange that happens, usually the day-of, between just the bride and groom. If you're at all familiar with the custom then you also know that there are expectations in what those gifts are.
However, I want to inject a little reality check here before I continue.
The whole custom of exchanging gifts isn't what it used to be. It's not a do or die ritual, nor should it be. It's not supposed to be an item to be checked off of your list. It's supposed to be a stress-free, voluntary and intimate exchange between two connected hearts.
If you find that you're over-budget or that finances are tight, don't go into debt over a wedding day gift!
If you prefer to follow tradition, then a pair of cuff links or a watch, would be perfectly suitable to give to the groom. A Giantto limited edition watch like this, which features handmade craftsmanship of Swiss parts and luxury diamonds, will set you back at least five figures. Chances are, however, that the man you're marrying already has a watch.
Another option is to send the groom to finish his Masters at Art Center (or any other school), where a degree is secondary only to the prestigious circles he'll have access to by graduation. His successful career means more money for you!
Expect to spend between five and six figures for this gift.
Whatever gifts you're planning, it's best not to surprise him and get his feedback before spending the money. Also, it should be something long-lasting or extremely meaningful. Better, if it's both, however.