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I may be late but I just finished watching SMTM4 and I fell in love with the song Fear. The meaning is really deep and even if he didn't win he's still Winner. Literally :)
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I'm proud of Mino. He'd done his best on stage. And you're right, Fear's lyrics are so deep. I'm nearly in tears when he hugged his father.
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I completely love fear and I tear up every time I watch it cause they should have won, since there was so much passion and feels in that song
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I love this song idk why he didn't win its amazing and the song him and zico just did okey dokey is life
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Me too when he hugged his father I got emotional. I felt like he really worked hard and the lyrics is everything he wanted to say. I'm proud of him.
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I was so mad he didn't win I refused to watch the finale
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