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Ginger tea has been widely celebrated in Asian cultures for centuries as a relaxing, cure-all beverage. Today, it's catching the attention of Westerners too, thanks to its many health benefits! Don't miss out on these cool ways ginger can improve your health.
Here are 9 reasons to hop on the ginger tea train! (And at the bottom of the post, the recipe for the absolute best ginger tea out there!)

Ginger relieves nausea.

Drinking a cup before traveling can reduce or prevent altogether the nausea and vomiting associated with motion sickness. It can also help with morning sickness.

Ginger aids in digestion.

When you've eaten too much, a cup of ginger tea can help speed digestion and settle your stomach.

Ginger is anti-inflammatory.

Drinking ginger tea can help soothe aching, inflamed joints.

Ginger provides respiratory relief.

Use this herb to naturally clear up congestion associated with the common cold and allergies.

Ginger improves blood circulation.

It may also help reduce your risk of heart attacks and stroke.

Ginger strengthens your immune system.

Due to its high antioxidant content, ginger can help keep you in tip-top shape to fight off illness.

Ginger relieves stress.

If you're feeling tense, a cup of ginger tea can help you calm down and relax.

Ginger protects against Alzheimer's disease.

Research shows that regular consumption can slow down the degeneration of brain cells that is typically a precursor to Alzheimer’s.

Ginger aids in weight loss.

By helping you feel full, ginger tea can help reduce your overall caloric intake. It also gives your metabolism a little boost!
And now, an easy recipe to make ginger tea at home yourself!

The Best Homemade Ginger Tea

1 Tbsp. fresh grated ginger
2 cups filtered water
1 Tbsp. raw honey or pure maple syrup (optional)
½ lemon, juiced (optional)
1. First, peel the ginger root with a peeler or the back of a spoon. Then use a grater or zester to finely grate it. If you don't have these tools, you can also slice it – but make sure to slice it thin and use a bit more.
2. Bring water to a boil. When it's boiling, turn off the heat and add ginger. Cover and let sit for 10 minutes.
3. Strain into a mug, and add lemon juice and natural sweetener to taste. Enjoy!
Note: You can spice up your ginger tea by adding a cinnamon stick, camomile flowers, echinacea tincture, fresh mint leaves, or a pinch of cayenne pepper in the pot with ginger to steep. Yum!

So what are you waiting for? Start adding a cup of ginger tea to your morning or bedtime routine!

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