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I chose this artwork because I found a deeper meaning in it than you may have skimmed off the top.. It reminds me a lot of the Wonderful relationship that my own parents have. It may not interest you but to me, with everything i have going on right now... it is powerful. Saving an entire city (immense responsibility) and still able to keep their Attraction and love going. That is strength. No matter how much the duo has to endure, or how much they do for others they still seem to fit like puzzle pieces. Batman as powerful as he his, submits to his lady. The team to me represents strength and loyalty to each other and their city. Aaand besides, everybody knows that Batman is the greatest.
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@jcl4rks0n like them fruit yogurts :D
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hahahahaha Exactly.
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i gotta do mine
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Well, we're waiting.
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