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7 Times Eeyore Was Your Spirit Animal

Nobody likes a gloomy gus right?
Wrong, because everyone likes Eeyore.

When you're the only one at work falling asleep at your desk and everyone's looking at you like, "wtf"

I'm sorry I was up worrying all night and didn't get enough sleep.

When you're having trouble getting rid of an old piece of clothing everyone says is totally unflattering and outdated

But I really like this polka-dot sweater from 7th grade! What do you mean the sleeves are too short? Get outta here.

When you make a totally rad post on Vingle and it gets like...two likes.

Guys! You don't like me? Oh, I'll go away then.

When your overly enthusiastic friends make you go out with them when all you want to do is stay home and watch Netflix

Is it too much to ask to have some peace and quiet?

When you offer to host a party at your house for once and nobody wants to go

I even bought party hats and everything. :( Oh, it's not that kind of party? Ok...

When you're actually excited to go out and someone cancels on you

See? This is why I never do anything!

He pretty much encapsulates every day of adulthood you've had to fumble through so far.

It's not so bad being Eeyore afterall. At least he's honest about how he feels!
Are you an Eeyore?
poor eeyore
In fact, that would be GREAT writing prompt.
The first image absolutely kills me. Can't imagine how many times I've said this.
At times yes
I know! And then things get worse hahahha. Gotta love eeyore. @ryanmnash
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