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You know that one hater fan that does something really drastic and brings a bad name to the entire fandom?
Well, that fan just struck again!
A 15 year old high school student in Toyama, Japan threatened other fans through twitter.
And he was arrested today!
According to the news report, he posted a message on Twitter in July aimed at "Love Live!" fans,
"I'll kill every last Love Live! fan in this country with my own hands. Love Live! fans trick you, and are anti-social like the people who scatter leaflets in the theater and step on them. I can't allow people like that to live. I will surely kill them."
What the heck? His statement doesn't make any sense to me...why is he angry?
As if that isn't enough, it seems that he also posted a photo of him holding a kitchen knife.
Hater fans...SMH at hater fans. Because of the threats, security had to be increased at Love Live! The School Idol Movie screenings.
However, right after his arrest, the student said,
"I like the anime too, but I hated how badly other fans behaved."
Really? Not all fans in a fandom will get along with each other. Doesn't mean we just go around threatening each other.
Where does all the hate come from?
While I'm not sure how serious he was about his plan, I'm glad he was caught and I hope he learns his lesson.
News source: Anime News Network
it all just seems like far too much of a reaction for something that should be so minute. like, you like the anime, and other like it too. are you mad if they don't like it as much as you do or in the same way that you do? it doesn't make any sense to let your affections for anime or really anything at all gover nyour actions to this extent.
I would never condone this kind of behavior obviously. However, I do understand how he might have felt as I had a friend who was in a kind of group as well but not all the members got along and its because of the difference of perspective and ideas most of the time. His overreaction seems too muc of course but who are we to judge, what is good and evil, we define what is good and evil depending on how we are raised. Obviously killing is unacceptable but from his perpective it was justice. Im an open minded person and I do understand why he acted that way to some extend, but of course I do not condone this type of overreaction. Thank god the authorities did something before it actually happened.
@poojas yeah I guess that some people are just full of negativity, and they can come from or be anywhere, at any time really. it's a bummer. @nerukawong I totally feel you on that.
Wow. This is a first for me. WTF? O.o
@poojas yes! I remember that! Against rapmon. I've never heard of anime
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