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In keeping with my desire to see brides going unconventional for their wedding, I wanted to include the idea of the bridal fascinator.
Prince William and Princess Kate's 2011 wedding gave the world iconic images of a Royal Wedding. And in doing so, the world was treated to an array of fashionable hats and fascinators.
Who can forget Princess Beatrice's blushy mauve anti-gravity bow? Love it or hate it, we learned that British Royal Weddings meant putting on more than pearls and velvet best. What you wore on your head mattered, almost, even more!
I did a quick search for bridal fascinators. And while many were pretty, most were very dull and looked like barrettes and headbands with some French netting. Nothing wrong with that, but it didn't scream FASCINATOR. So I did more digging and discovered Arturo Rios, who has a shop on Etsy.
As with most anything on Etsy, you can customize virtually everything. So if you see something you like, but the wrong color, don't fret. You can still get what you want with a minor custom adjustment. The fascinators (and hats) pictured run between $200 and $400.
If you like what you see and you'd like to find a gown with just as much panache as these fascinators, click here!