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Tired of taking that trip to the drugstore? Just want to be able to press buttons on your computer to make your 3D printer create a pill for you? Well, that might be the medicine of the future.
Recently the first 3D-printing drug was approved in the United States, Pharmaceutical companies are seeing this as a new wave of opportunity in the field. A huge opportunity for technology in general.
The world is pretty hype about 3D printing right now, and there’s a reason for that. As they are becoming more accessible, more companies are trying to use the technology for their benefit.
The fashion industry picked it up and more and more companies are designing 3D printed dresses.
The medical industry was able to 3D print a younger girl a new nose! Maybe new sports are using 3D prints for precise equipment. Like fancy bikes.
Even cosplayers are taking advantage of 3D printing!
But to me there is something fundamentally iffy about printing my own meds from a machine. I’m sure they would have to go through

But then could people hack there way through to get medicine? Is this just a dangerous way to use technology?

The industry definitely has a lot to figure out in this HUGE time of 3D change. But it will be interesting to see how they shape.
I’s rather Mary Poppins just give me my meds with a spoonful of sugar please.
I agree @alywoah! I’m hoping by the time this is developed there will be even more security so that does NOT happen. But we’ll see how things go!
I feel like it will be a long time until our personal computers can product medicine. Besides...I think that even it does become a thing that can happen....a lot of abuse can come from it.
It's so weird, but pretty fascinating.