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"Trumpéalo" is a game created by Mexican developers. The point of the game is to throw things at Trump, like soccer balls, shoes, and bottles, while he is dressed in a chicken suit. Which, by the way, I think suits him very well!
The more items you throw at the chicken-suit-wearing Trump, the more points you earn!
By the way, the game is absolutely free. The Beta version is currently available on Google Play. The full version of the game is expected to be finished in just a couple of weeks for both Android and iOS.
So, you want to hit Donald Trump without getting arrested? Here's your chance.
I don't even like hearing this man's name. He is too much in the media. Blah
this is exactly the kind of game I want to play. it gives me the opportunity to lash out at the trumpet and pass time easily on the train. Win win!
I totally agree. there's already way too much of him in the news all over the place.
I’m with ya @arios025. I feel like he is getting all this attention and he LOVES it!
Yeah, girl. I know. I sometimes think he really loves the negative attention, too. @arios025
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