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Ok so I have my first day of senior year tomorrow and I'm super nervous and excited!!! I'm excited because graduating and turning 18 will mean freedom and finally pursuing my passions in life. I want to become an anesthesiologist and study in South Korea (and maybe even live there for awhile and fall in love lol). I also want to start a Youtube channel to show my journey of a Kpop loving black girl to others and hopefully uplift someone. The thought of growing up scares the hell out of me but now it's too late to turn back. I have to spread my wings and live free to reach my dreams while I still can. To those starting high school or those already in high school good luck and I hope you achieve your goals. And please wish me luck on my road to college and hopefully Korea in the near yet distant future.
WHOA! Seriously good luck! Those are some huge dreams but if you're committed I am sure you'll ROCK! ps once you move to korea you should let me sleep on your couch for a night or two so i can visit seoul hahahaha
Best of luck to you as you start your senior year! I just finished up high school and one piece of advise is to NOT SLACK off but HAVE FUN! YOU'RE A SENIOR! And I totally support what you want to do after you graduate. That's just amazing. :)