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They just go together, right? No city, that I know of, does doughnuts as prolifically as Los Angeles. And there's not even a Dunkin Donuts here (yet)! Krispy Kreme, sure, here and there. But I'd say that 99% of the doughnut shops out here are mom and pop style and come in all the flavors you love, just better!
All that to say, it's VERY COOL to serve doughnuts over glasses of milk (as pictured) for your wedding guests. Can you see the sweet table now? Looking so chic and absolutely irresistible next to the petit fours, fondant gems, pie pops and everything else you've got going on there!
Don't forget the swizzle straws too! Did you know that Target sells them? Trust me, my mind made a mental note when I happened upon them last year!
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