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As much as I like Kirito and Asuna (which is actually pretty similar to my relationship with one of my two best friends), I LOVED Kirito and Sachi! I hope she comes back! I'm only on episode 6, though! Don't ruin it, pls! I love this concept of virtual reality games! I SHIP THIS COUPLE!! That is all. (Anime title: SAO, Sword Art Online)
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@Arellano1052 what do you mean? @poojas WHAT it would be awesome to be able to play like in SAO but not trapped of course xP
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@RosePark I mean my mind first went to I Am Bread...and I was like nooo, I don't want to be bread
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@RoseParks the site is that of Adult literature haha so, underaged people may get in trouble if found out XD @poojas That's what is so awesome! Imagine playing Halo or Dungeon Hunter and being the main character lol Ahh! It's exciting lol
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@Arellano1052 OMG,where is this conversation going right now. I feel like I should get out before it escalates lol AND...I am more of a indie gamer...I don't want to play Outlast in VR T_T
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@Arellano1052 I am 24 so yeah lol ill manage :) @poojas WTF you got I am bread as your first game? LOL fine imagine playing pokemon VR or even simple games like Animal Crossing!
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