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Everybody needs a few tips now and then, to keep their flirting game strong! If you want to catch your crush's attention, try this move. It's definitely charmed me before!

The Sweet Surprise

I call this move "The Sweet Surprise" because the classic response is, "Aww, you're so sweet!" Here's how you pull it off:
Before you're going to see your crush (before class, for example), buy them a coffee or other delicious warm beverage. Don't ask them what they want; just surprise them! (Extra points if you do a little investigating beforehand to figure out what their favorite hot beverage is.)
If you're unsure what to get, never fear – the colder months are coming up, and you really can't go wrong with hot cocoa! Don't worry about making a mistake; the point of this flirting move is to be bold, and show your crush you can take charge and surprise them once in a while.

Bonus Tip: The Bar Surprise

If you're a little older (as in, over drinking age in your country – no underage drinking on Vingle! lol) then you can try out this move in a bar.
Whether you use it as a conversation starter with a stranger, or to surprise someone you've had your eye on for a while, it's always really nice when someone comes up to you with two drinks in their hands, gives one to you, and says, "Here. I got this for you." And then you have the added bonus of getting to sit and talk with them awhile as you enjoy your drinks together.
It might not work on everyone, but give this a shot! I always find it really flattering. :) No matter what gender you are, it always feels like a special treat when someone buys you a drink.

Happy flirting, Vinglers! ♥

Are you going to try this one out? Has it worked for you? Let us know!
@Safaa12 hahah that's amazing :D you should totally write a card with some of your flirting tips and show us how it's done! ;D
@alywoad I'm a big fan of food dates. I'm kind of an adventurous eater, and if my partner isn't, then it could be problematic for us as a couple going forward.
I'm a big fan of this move, but I tend to do it more with food. like "here, I have all of these cheeseburgers. eat one. EAT ONE."
Hahaha I feel you @Safaa12! :) Did you ever use this move?? ;)
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