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I am ONLY giving you a sneak peek into the stunning look of Inbal Dror wedding gowns!
This is what they say about their 2015 Venice Collection:
"It is a leap further to new dimensions inspired by the flow of water and soft swell. Venice, the city that floats on its majestic canals created a magnificent background to the new designs. Inbal put the emphasis on new original self-designed appliqués with sewn-in pearls and Swarovski stones. The total look of the collection gives the fabrics completely new life and soul. We hope you enjoy this collection, which represents Inbal’s admiration of the woman's figure and shape."
Sounds amazing, right? Watch the 2015 Bridal Collection that I've included below to get a glimpse of what delicate and feminine look like on the runway.
Click here to see even more stunning bridal gowns that you are going to LOVE!
so pretty <3 these wedding dresses.
Awesome I can't wait to see more @marshalledgar
thanks for responding @BluBear07 @ariannagorniak1 I'm going to share more from this designer soon
Love the second one!
the second one is juat stunning
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