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Role Switch!

What if Kim Soohyun's character from My Love From Another Star, Do Minjoon, and Jang Geun Suk's character from You're Beautiful, Hwang Taekyung - SWITCHED PLACES!?

This card is about Do Min Joon as the pop star Hwang Taekhyung. Here's what I think would happen:

1. Do Min Joon would cause massive fangirl death with his apple hairdo.

2. Do Min-joon is sick all the time cause Go Mi-nam is constantly falling on him and kissing him in his sleep.

3. The press actually doesn't like Do Min-joon cause he is so bossy and is a know-it-all during interviews.

4. That means Jeremy is an alien too, and he can probably talk to his dog...

5. There would probably be some weird "aliens-exist-does-God-exist?" discussions since an alien is dating a nun...

6. Do Min Joon would be way too uncomfortable for this to ever happen

7. There would definitely still be weird meditation scenes

8. They're both total germ-a-phobes so that wouldn't change.

9. Hwang Taekyung would cry more. A lot more.

What else would happen if alien-genius Do Minhoon because pretty boy idol Hwang Taekyung?