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Battle Of The Brands: Which One Is Better?!
Welcome to today's Funny Community event, BATTLE OF THE BRANDS! Inspired by my homegirl @ButterflyBlu, I've decided to start a challenge that pits two equally loved American brands against one another - with only one reigning supreme!
Today's Battle: RED LICORICE. (Or liquorice, to those of you who abide by the Queen's English).

Which one is your favorite? Do you think Redvines are crazy delicious, or are you a diehard Twizzlers fan?

We all know which one Ron Weasley would choose.

Let's gooooooooooooo!!

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Redvines. Twizzlers are just too moist and sticky for me.
2 years ago·Reply
Twizzlers ALL THE WAY!!!
2 years ago·Reply
Red vines
2 years ago·Reply
twizzlers for sure red vines are gross
2 years ago·Reply
twizzlers hands down dont like the wax tasting vines at all
2 years ago·Reply