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Okay! I know it is late, but hey, I was doing college homework.. ew. But I have accepted to do this challenge and this question maybe a 'dude, duh, I know who your bias is,' but other's may not know! So! Someone maybe thinking, "I wonder who, out of these six, amazingly talented, awesome personalitied hunks is Chey's bias?".... drum roll, please! ...... .......... ..............
This was one of the hardest battles of my life when I realized I had to pick, I felt liking I was cheating and going through some Bella, Edward, and Jacob bullshit from the second book (don't get me wrong, I love the books series but the second and three book was my least favorite). So, I had to choose and the one that won was/is.....
You maybe asking.. "why him out of all the others?" Well, it is very hard to choose between them. Ravi is very sweet and out going and loving and nice and beautiful and awesome but Leo stole my heart completely after I let myself give in to his pull. This is some of the reasons why...
Doesn't matter how his hair style changes...
He always has his bottom lip biting thang going on or staring into your soul with a blank expression...
He can look badass and cute and cuddly at the same FREAKING TIME!
But he's also very sweet and funt o be around too... just ask the band lol. Of course he likes to beat them up from time to time but that's just how he communicates his feelings and he's getting better!
He's good with kids and really is protective and sweet with them... and...
And... Not only good with kids but good with animals too! That puppy has some competition of 'Who's the Cutest?' (minion = me when I see this lol)
It doesn't matter what he's where, if he giving sexy eyes, bathing with clothes on, wearing goose bump worthy tight jeans with his long dark hair, showing some skin and giving that "come get me" look, holding a cute puppy!, resisting Ravi and N's affection, or begging me to cuddle with him in bed... I'll take it all. I love how caring and cringe worthy some of his interviews go with how embarrassed he gets. I love how he is shy on the camera but off he is very social. I love how he works with his members and staff. I love how he gives attention to his fans, and how he is just awesome all around. okay, so, this is it... i mostly stopped because it said I could only do 50 pictures and it is later where I am... so, good night. P.S. sorry for any misspellings, I'm not good with my phone's keyboard and typing/texting. @byeolbit @kpopandkimichi @B1A4BTS5ever @KpopGaby @Sugajin94 @AgentLeo @ParanormalPanda @amandamuska and anyone else I left out... I'm sorry.
Sooooo well said!! You really got all the reasons he's my bias, too <3 <3 I'm glad you like him too hehehe
Yess well said well said
and sidenote: pictures do not belong to me. Their claim is to whoever is amazing at taking the pictures!
@AgentLeo lol thanks!