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YAAAAAAAAAS!!! One of my favorite rookie girl groups are back with their new single titled 'A bad Thing'. Have you ever just been so excited for a comeback that you literally wait everyday for them to release a teaser? Thats how I felt about this song. I had very high expectations for them since their first song was really good and showcased their vocals. And let me tell you I was not disappointed this song is EVERYTHING. This song will definately be in my top kpop songs I just know it. The song had a very sexy vibe to it, I know their little open legged dance they do will cause some concern but it wasn't that bad. their vocals once again are top notch. They were hitting those notes like nobodies business. All in all the song showcased their vocals. I just wished more people listened to them. They deserve to have people listen to them. So what do you guys think? Leave it down below!
I don't really listen to them but their voices are so strong!
@MattK95 I seriously can not wait for their comeback stages
@daznothephop neither can I!!! I'm just so glad they're finally back ^^
I've been waiting for this for so long \(^-^)/