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"Instead of looking at one thing at a time, and noting its behavior when exposed to one other thing, the sciences now look at a number of different and interacting things and note their behavior as a whole under diverse influences. This is similar to what we do in everyday life when we think of players as teams rather than as interacting individual performers."
"The atomistic worldview inspired by Newtonian science promised to fulfill the functions of comprehensive and consciously held worldviews, and Marxists and other stalwart souls believed that a scientific concept would one day eliminate the need for myth and religion altogether. In our day, however, the promise of a worldview derived from the classical tenets of modern science is increasingly questioned. Alienation and anomie are on the rise, and adherence to an atomistic concept offers scant relief."
@allischaaff I've read two other pieces by him: "Dawn of the Akashic Age" and "Science of the Akashic Field". From what I understand, he's a progenitor of the systems sciences so he's well-authored. I want add a couple "tastings" of his other works to my "flights" collection!
This book sounds really neat. I'm trying to remember where I've heard the author's name before. Is he known for anything besides this work? @nashtronaut