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So basically I had a mental breakdown earlier (hence the video ^) but I listened to some kpop and now I'm all calm again.
These were the songs I listened to. What are some songs that make you guys happy? I doesn't have to be kpop, I just want some more songs to add to my playlist.
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Big Bang has some great songs too!!!
2 years ago·Reply
big bang 2pm got7 2ne1 snsd miss-a wondergirls beast bi rain jyp jay park simon dominic shinee dok2 zoin.t...these artist own the kpop music i keep going back to
2 years ago·Reply
BTS tomorrow usually calms me down when I'm feeling stressful or I listen to some 2ne1 and Big Bang.
2 years ago·Reply
2 PM and Shinee calm me down.
2 years ago·Reply
exo calms me down. there's also, f(x), snsd, SHINee
2 years ago·Reply