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Thank you everyone who shared their favorite character this week! It feels like we all know each other much better now ^_^
If you want to check out the original card, check it out here!

Now... are you ready to find out what your favorite DC character says about you?

The Proud One

Your favorite characters are usually very powerful, but they don't brag. You take pride in everything you do. You're a very strong individual, and often when you're unleashed it can seem intimidating for others. This doesn't happen often though, because while you're used to being the quiet one, you often adapt to social situations.
Since you chose Aquaman @VinMcCarthy @FreeWill666 you're this type. And @AimeeH you chose Hawkgirl so this is you as well!

The Anti-Hero

Like many of your favorite characters, you're a pragmatist. You'd rather do good, but you're going to do right by yourself first. It's nothing personal; self-care is very important! You're also extremely loyal. You might not be the most outgoing person in the world, but the connections you make with others go deep.
@DaniVO picked Catwoman and @DanRodriguez picked Lobo so this them! Pretty awesome people tbh.

The Bubbly One

Your favorite characters are always so much fun! They make jokes, their story arcs are often lighthearted, and it's impossible for them not to make you smile. You're the same way. Your presence lights up a room, and people are always happy to see you.
Since you picked the Flash @Karthikkrazzy1 @najalong1998 @marichelAlvarez and Cyclone @JPBenedetto this is you!

The Generous Type

While all of us contribute in some way or another, some individuals are much happier when they feel like they're spending their time giving to others. This could mean teaching, volunteering, or taking care of people.
Because you picked Superman @paularasnick @RobertMarsh And Static @DonovanMoore this is definitely you.

The Goddess

Let's use this term loosely here to include anyone who is brave and self-sacrificing and totally confident! Fans of Wonder Woman often embody the values she's most known for: truthful and principled, and completely indomitable.

The Stealthy One

Some characters wear the white hat, while others aren't afraid to get their hands dirty. Those characters tend to be your favorite. Like those that came before you, you've got a code of ethics. However, you're willing to sacrifice some of them if you think it will be for the greater good.
Since you chose Nightwing @paulisaverage @DonovanMoore @beardman2869 and Nite Owl and Rorschach @WayneWinquist this is you.

The Wild Card

Your favorite characters are all about mayhem, causing havoc everywhere they go. In real life, you're a little subtler, but you're definitely odd. It's actually great, because it means you tend to see the world very differently, and notice things that others miss. Keep it up!
Since you picked the Joker and/or Harley @BPF1916 @VixenViVi @DonovanMoore @OGPanda this one is all about you.

The Original BAMF

You all picked a great character. You're a force of nature. You seek to accomplish the impossible, and you won't be deterred no matter what. Sometimes this can feel like you're alone, but it's not always lonely. You can always look back and embrace your accomplishments!

And here's my favorite character!

Oracle is really amazing to me. After Barbara Gordon suffered a spinal cord injury, she reinvented herself as Oracle, running the Birds of Prey and keeping Gotham safe. She's incredible! I don't know what my choice says about me... any ideas?
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@shannonl5 Same here. I want to read the comics and everything, too. I've watched so much batman growing up, it's ridiculous. xD
2 years ago·Reply
@AmbieB there are some really good ones out there! I'm not a huge fan of the new 52 line but there are plenty of other really awesome ones... tbh pretty much everything but those I would recommend XD
2 years ago·Reply
its a tie between cat woman and harley i love harleys crazy love and im gonna kill you side but cat woman is sexy and dark
2 years ago·Reply
2 years ago·Reply
@liveslovesanime oooh yeah they're both awesome! I think my personal preference is Harley at least in the current comics, but they're both amazing so it's hard to choose :D @kenjutsu101 YES! Haha @DonovanMoore picked Static as well. Great character ^_^
2 years ago·Reply