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Any of my Starlight friends that know my favorites in VIXX are going to laugh when they read this card.
Because my secret bias isn't a secret, like, at all. More like "he was my bias but then I realized he wasn't my bias but I still basically stan him because he's him." Yeah.

That would be....Hongbin!

As you know, my "main" bias is Taekwoon (Leo). But he wasn't always my bias, and he's not the only one in VIXX I really love. That would be all of them lol.
But my first bias was Hongbin. Why? Because even though I had watched some of MyDol and their songs, I didn't know their personalities very well, and I was swooning for Hongbin's long hair (yes, I actually liked it).
So Hongbin was my first bias! I was lucky enough to see them at Otakon 2012, and when I went to their autograph session, the only member I got to talk to directly was Hongbin! So, he's actually the first Korean person (besides my teacher) that I ever spoke to in Korean. And he was super sweet about it and told me my accent was nice, even though it most definitely wasn't!

What happened?

I said I would tell this story, so I'll briefly share it. Basically, I went to a fan engagement event on Hongbin's birthday back in 2012, and due to a miscommunication, I ended up sitting by self (like literally no one around). I didn't understand most of what was happening and I was feeling really, really out of place.
And in that moment, I looked at VIXX to see Leo looking at me, and making a point to go out of his way to wave at me. Call me crazy, but I realized at that moment that there was a lot more to him than I had thought originally, and I just flopped to the Taekwoon bias way of life.

But, I still love Hongbin!!

My friends are always cringing over how much I love Hongbin!!!
I had someone tell me that they thought I "only liked him because he's handsome," but it's so much more than that! Sure, initially I just liked his hair, but I have this weird sense of pride when it comes to him.
Clearly, he has felt inadequate so many times--he's always praised only for his looks, not his signing or dancing. But, more and and more, you can see just how hard he is working so that he receives praise for more than just his abs or his handsome face. And it's totally paying off! He's becoming more confident in his acting, in his music show hosting and in his singing. He even rapped (of his own accord!!!) at the recent LR showcase, trying to do Ravi's part.
I feel like a proud mom, but when this happened, and he finally accomplished his dream of singing on stage for Starlights while playing guitar, I definitely cried. A lot. I also defintiely listened to this song for months every. single. night.
SO yes! My secret bias is Hongbin because I really love and care about him, and I want to see him feel like he is worthy of love not just for his pretty face. It might make me Hongin-style cringe (shout out to Jenna for that phrase hahah), but I love this boy!
It seems that my #1 bias Leo feels the same as me: he is currently writing a song for Hongbin to sing!!!!!!! AHHHHHHH!!! Prepare my casket for when that song is released lol.
If you're wondering what's going on, us folks in the VIXX community are doing a daily challenge!! Check it out, and join us!
@XergaB20 He's so cute >< They all are really I don't even know how we manage to pick a bias hahahah!!! @lamrotamrot Thank you><>< I have been really lucky when it comes to VIXX, that's probably why theyr'e my #1 forever ultimate group now hahahaha
Hongbin has been a tie for my first with Ravi for a year now! I love him so much too!
You got to meet them?!! And talk to them?!! Lucky 馃槅
This was an awesome card!! Congrats for actually having the nerve to speak to Hongbin. I would of just stood there. Frozen. xD
@byeolbit I know right!?! They truly are amazing!