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My pick for the most annoying character is Yuka from Elfen Lied. (Spoiler Alerts starting next slide)
She is one of the worst and most annoying character I've seen in quite some time. She is so overprotective (which is fine) but her worst sin is Envy.....
How is this ACCEPTABLE??? They're cousins for gods sake....because she is in love with her cousin she gets jealous every time any girl comes near him. I just don't get it.
Because of that love, (love for family is great), she gets overprotective to the point where she tries to control what Kohta does all the time which annoyed me the most. She's too extreme for my taste.
I hope many people of the community participate in this new weekly series!~
Awaiting to see what your "most annoying character" is!
@RosePark what about Misa, she is annoying as heck
DUDE!!!!!! yes. I agree so much.
@VinMcCarthy LOL to be honest I just lost it at the kiss... @ninachan really? there are more characters like her? my god... @DanRodriguez She's one of the worst..!
i think i know this anime and i know what u feeling there's another anime like that and i can't stand
I agree with you 100℅ with this choice. LOL. Extremely annoying.
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