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Over in the KPop community, Vingler @kpopandkimchi started a September event where she is posing daily Quick Questions. As she states, these are opinion questions, so there are no right or wrong answers, it's just about learning stuff about each other in the community, seeing the kind of things they dig.
I don't think Kpop should have all the fun, so I'm straight up stealing this idea for video games! Woo!

It's simple, really:

--> All through September, I'll post up Quick Questions.
--> Comment your answers on the card
--> other users will be able to see and like your responses, and we'll all be able to get to know each other better!

Here's the Quick Question to kick things off!

What was the first video game you ever played?

For me, the first game I ever played was Omega Boost on Playstation 1. My family didn't have much money, so when we found a Playstation that was thrown away, that's what me and my little brother got. There was one game in it, and that game was Omega Boost.
Giant robots in space. Sweet.
I wanna hear all of y'alls in the Video Game community! And feel free to tag others, too!
mine was pong lol
@LAVONYORK I played phantasmagoria one and two, you're right those were some messed up games lol
PlayStation 2 ,CD:Crash,sonic
@LAVONYORK lol I can see how that would happen!! Smh
@butterflyblu I was about 11-12, my brother purchased the game for me btw he is about 18 years older than me lol. The game I wanted after that was called Wolf inside, but that never happened lol 馃榿. I think phantasmagoria did me in lol
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