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Thus is a new series for every Thursday recommended by @poojas. Straight to the point: This will be a series where I pick weird and creepy topics for you guys to make cards accordingly for the others to enjoy, which is why its called "Twisted Thursday"! This weeks topic is: Most annoying anime character!
Pick your most annoying anime character and tell us why! You have until next Thursday to make your card any way you want. Be creative, gifs, images, videos, go loco!! also make sure to put {TT} on the title~
I hope you enjoy this series and once again thanks @poojas for inspiring me to do this~ I expect some crazy cards! Once again GO NUTS!! @AkiraCoundry @biancadanica98 @caitlind9898 @SunnyV @DanRodriguez @MaatiCasanova @NerukaWong @BPF1916 @AimeeH @chadnip804 @Arellano1052 @MissCandyFreak and everyone in the community to participate!
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this is awesome! I'm gonna do one too if that's okay!
I'll do this when I get home later possibly...
@VinMcCarthy yes please do! @biancadanica98 alright~
I'm late but imma do it anyways lol
@amobigbang You're not late! You have till this Thursday :)