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"There's word that I messed with the original content but they are recoveries from my previous cell phone. It has been authenticated and is presentable for court."
Choi filed four charges of assault against Kim in August 2014. She withdrew three of the charges. It was later learned that she accepted a $500,000 settlement for her silence. By the time she filed her assault charges in August 2014, his legal team claims she had already received $100,000 in medical fees from Kim.
She is currently suing him for over $1 million, claiming psychological damage from a miscarriage she suffered as a result of his 2014 assault. She has not yet presented evidence to substantiate the claim of a miscarriage.
According to Lee, the $500,000 payment that Choi asked for could be considered extortion. Kim Hyun Joong is counter-suing Choi for $1,000,000, which includes returning the $500,000 previously given to her and another $500,000 for breaking the agreement.
After the assault charges were dropped, Choi and Kim reunited after the incident and vacationed together. They broke up again. In January, she announced that she was pregnant. That child is expected in September 2015.
. A's Kim Hyun Joong to be a witness quantity J referred to whether a witness with us said the position. Attorney yijaeman lawyer Kim Hyun Joong July A amounts to 30 days Newsen The witness to this entry commitment with us, "the J amounts already witness the adoption of pending person in the course of a trial. Moreover that celebrities are no initials of J. There is no sense," he said. A seed through the day Press "(2014, years) had a miscarriage on May 30, hiatus in July, had surgery hiatus after three days later, there were assaults of Kim Hyun Joong on July 10, "he said" Kim Hyun Joong attracted to women artists J in his house. I was witness to two people lying on a bed house to found a naked Kim Hyun Joong with Friend B directly, and I was a girl Artists J and another beaten mercilessly from Kim Hyun Joong in the house with my friend B. Future celebrity J plans to apply as a witness, "he said.
In yijaeman lawyers "A seed is August 2014 (the Kim Hyun Joong) accused after September 16 received a settlement 600 million won, 17 days had dropped the charges. After suffered mental harm to come in May, Kim Hyun Joong against said 1.6 billion One was charged for damages lawsuit worth. At this time, Mr. A had with us as a witness for the trial at the time entertainers J. In time, the Court has already agreed, organizing the incidents and (ongoing litigation) because another case could be adopted as a witness that there was pending, "I had already explained that J The amount pending application as a witness. Not only yijaeman lawyer "nor the initials of the artists is called Women Artists J sheep" and "Friend B amounts to witness a friend iteotdamyeon together on the spot If you are applying as a friend was not with us as a witness, "he said. filed a counterclaim for violation of agreement and a 1.2 billion won to side A's current nominal alimony Kim Hyun Joong. Yijaeman lawyers "A seed is a public as evidence of decided not to disclose also agreed at the time. Corresponds to the agreement violated" and "The accused is a public through the media of materials that must be submitted to law enforcement agencies other addition to the image damage on purpose There also seems intent "and the question was raised. On the other hand goes the third anniversary of Kim Hyun Joong is ready to plead on September 23rd. no dew nedai @ News Report
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