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A Quick Guide To Obama's Greatest Feat Yet: The Iran Nuclear Deal
Ever get that feeling that you're a little bit behind, uninformed? You wake up and everyone at your adult job is talking about something huge that you don't understand? Well, I'm here to help. My new series "Shotgun News" is going to shed light on the biggest events in politics, world news and much more. And it'll only take you 5 minutes to get up to speed. No bull. Just basics.
Sound good?

Cool. So, lets delve into the most important Nuclear deal of our time: The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action or JCPOA. An agreement reached by lots of peeps in the U.N. who have been dealing with Iran's increasing Nuclear threat for the greater part of 20 months.

Basically this agreement will save everything.

Why: Okay, so the biggest question you ave to know the answer to is WHY. Why is this the most important diplomatic agreement of our time? Why is it trending all over the web? Why is it on the cover of every newspaper?

-Iran has been developing nuclear facilities and technology for a while. The graphics above provide a map of all the nuclear tech currently present in the nation. They're putting millions of dollars in time and energy into weapons development...and that could mean a huge mess for the world to deal with. The specifics aren't important. What is, however; is that their nuclear efforts operate under the radar. They're basically sneaking around and gathering tech, scientists and provisions to make a bomb that could wipe everyone out with a single button push.
-There are no "actual plans" for Iran to use this technology against anyone, but just the sheer fact that it is becoming increasingly available means that there is a huge possibility for two adverse outcomes, if the deal hadn't gone through:
1. Arms race: like full scale, cold war, wheeling and dealing mayhem
2. A war with Iran: in order to get the technology and nuclear weaponry out of their hands, and create a safer world, like...not just an ordinary war. It could've been World War III
The JCPOA prevents all of this, and is a guaranteed lock to pass through Congress.

Who decided to do this?

Another important question: who set this in motion. Obama gets the credit, but it was a joint effort.
Well, the U.S. of course, but it was really pushed and developed by a mysterious group called the P5 + 1.
No, it's not a secret spy syndicate, although that would be cool. It's actually a joint task-force of members of the United Nations including the U.S., U.K., France, China, Russia, Germany and the European Union. World leaders from these nations came together without partisanship to get this thing done. And it's pretty impressive.

How it works:

This deal enables the P5+1 powers to check Iran on all nuclear goings on and ensure that they don't create or arm themselves with nuclear weapons.
The Legislation Works By:
- Blocking Iran's access through international diplomacy
-Monitoring nuclear reactors, facilities, mines and mills already developed by Iran
-Redirecting employment and government energy to other forms of technology and education
-And of course, Sanctioning the shit out of everything they do .

What it Means:

This deal going through means that it will be nearly impossible for Iran to continue their quest to nuclear supremacy. Nukes are bad. Nobody should be able to develop or have a monopoly on them. War, by nature is hell. This detailed, insanely intricate legal, legislative document will ensure a safe future for us, them and the rest of the world.
The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action is going to protect trade, technology and prevent a possible third World War. It's pretty much the biggest legislative deal of Obama's presidency and a huge victory over-all.
Iran is bucking against the agreement, but there doesn't seem to be any real imminent threat present.
You can read the Government guide here if you're interested in running past this Shotgun article: JCPOA Full Government Guide

Feel a little more informed? What do you think of the Iran deal?

For more up-to-date, quick and easy news check out my new collection "Shotgun News: Never be uninformed. Quick. Dirty. To The Point."

The Opposition:

Lots of political commentators will say that this agreement is just a flimsy piece of paper and if Iran wants to make nukes and use them, on the now pissed off western world, they'll do it. Only time will tell, but at least acknowledging that there is a threat and trying to do something about it peacefully, without a war, is better than doing nothing or starting a war without all the information (cough, cough George W).
So if you want to get into an argument with your friends, use that.
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Wow it sure is onvious the person who wrote the article is a bleeding heart liberal! Right down to the typical (and obvious) unconditiinal, overwhelming, and blind support of a liberal goal along with the traditiinal liberal avoidence of the facts. Since you wrote this article, it has been blasted by most experts as a terrible deal for the US negotiated by probably the worst political negotiaters in the history of politics! Not only is there almost no benefit to the US, but we caved on every issue just to get the deal (that nobody wanted other than Obama) done. Our country came away looking so desperate it was pathetic. it only highlighted Obamas political incompetence. In addition tour articles facts are terribly wrong as it concerned "its a lock to push thru congress". HAAA!!! That couldnt be further from the truth either. The Republicans went on record to voice thier discontent with the way that Obama tried to push this thru without ANY consultation with congress much less approval; by sending a message to Iran that any deal was useless without congress approval and without that approval the next president isnt likely to honor it either. Asding insullt to injury, our poor community organizer was embarrassed when Iran came back after Nobama was tooting his horn patting himself on the back for this terrible deal; and said they never signed it and are not honoring it either. Thank God for that! But that leads me to another error with your article. HAVE YOU NOT STUDIED IRAN AND ITS TRACK RECORD AT ALL? (MORONS) What made you think while engagimg in this negotiation with Iran, that even if you were successful at forming an agreement; what in the world made you think Iran would keep its word and honor the deal whem theu have never kept their word on anything? When it comes to foreign policy and negotiations do us a favor next time. Go play with the other children and lwt the grown ups handle it ^(The media is supposed to be neutral and unbiased right?Oh. now I remember. That only applies as long as they are pushing the liberal agenda.)
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