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This seems like a silly question... until you think about it.

So Mystique can transform into anyone. And that includes clothes. And every time we've seen her use her power, she's always gone from naked Mystique to whatever fully-clothed person she's impersonating. But clothes don't just come out of nowhere! Matter doesn't work that way. So either her body is changing shape and expanding to include clothes, or the entire thing is an illusion.

Which begs the question: Is she just walking around NAKED all the time?

That's Mystique cringing because that sandwich was in one of her pockets... and she honestly has no idea where those pockets go.
Seriously though, am I the only one who's thought about this?
Doesn't she get COLD?

What does she do when she steps in something?


@PC15 @EdenSisco @ButterflyBlu @Mikim000 @Queen35love @buddyesd @VinMcCarthy @danidee @najalong1998 @LAVONYORK @DanRodriguez what does the Marvel community think? Is Mystique always naked or is she somehow a nevernude?
I was always under the impression that there was some sort of unwritten law that said Mystique could be naked all the time and no one would be allowed to have a problem with it. That and her skin was somehow magical and always kept her warm, like some weird mutant wetsuit.
I always thought that she was naked all the time and in the comic book world it is accepted lol. Eventhough you can catch her wearing a white get up but pretty much we know her as the "nudie mutie" lol and to answer your question @shannonl5, she would not sit on my couch, chair, bed, sofa bed or patio furniture lol. I don't want no essence a la mystique lol
well it depends on the version of Mystique you're examining. In the comics, she generally has some kind of form-fitting outfit on, which I guess we have to assume changes with her body to the specifications of the transformation. In the Xmen movies with JLaw, she seems to have a scaly kind of exterior, so it could be that she is kept warm by those. (We see no nipples or other sexual organs). So maybe she is always naked? In terms of if she stepped in something, though, she could probably get it off with a transformation- the way her skin/scales cascade looks like they would rid themselves of detritus.
@shannonl5 she can't get colds cuz she's too hot :p lol sorry dumb joke haha
@shannonl5 @LAVONYORK @VinMcCarthy @danidee if your talking about the conics i always assumed she had limited matter manipulation thingy powers but if you're talking about movie sorry what was the question? rebecca romajin (?) was walking around naked :D
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