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We did a great job with our last challenge (@AimeeH @buddyesd and @jcl4rks0n showed us their favorite comic book panels). I thought for this challenge we could talk about what superpower we'd most like to have, and why!

Here goes...

I want to be able to teleport!

Nightcrawler is one of my favorite characters. Not just because he can teleport, but because he's very kind and humble and full of empathy. But also because he can teleport. Think about it! All those international friends you met online but can't see in person? Boom! You can arrive at their doorstep whenever you feel like it. Long commute? Not anymore! Really need to use the bathroom but the closest one is a sketchy gas station? YOU CAN GO HOME AND USE YOUR OWN BATHROOM.
Seriously, how awesome would that be?
I want to know what your superpower would be @DanRodriguez @laceywinsor93 @marichelAlvarez @VixenViVi @LAVONYORK @herdey @CandaceJordan @DonovanMoore @DaniVO and of course everyone who participated in the last challenge: @amobigbang @buddyesd @caitlind9898 @jcl4rks0n @AimeeH @JeanPaulGaleano and everyone else in the Marvel community as well! Don't forget to tag me if you make a card so I can add it to the challenges collection!
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@MarsCam lol that's so true. And you could probably dress however you wanted to as well. Like you're at work all day in a suit and then you want to go out, you don't have to change your clothes you can just shape-shift into something different. Haha I have weird priorities I think
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@mommaG same here!!! I'm so done with rush hour traffic
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I know Right , like the movie jumper. have you seen it??
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@mommaG yeah! It was a while ago so I don't remember it too well though
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