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If you have a pulse and an affinity for sweets, chances are you love Nutella. Originating as a toast spread in various parts of Europe, this crush-worthy combo of chocolate and hazelnut has found its way into crepes, on cupcakes, even blended into milkshakes.
With an average of 365,000 metric tons of the stuff consumed each year, one thing about the world today has become very, very clear:

We're addicted. And our addiction needs to be protected.

Fortunately for all of us, one man - Daniel Schobloch of Germany - has stepped forward to tackle the task, inventing a 'Nutella lock' that will keep your Nutella spread secure from any family or friends that dare to try stealing it.
According to Daniel, it all began with inspiration from a friend:

"One of my friends was always getting worked up because his children were stealing his Nutella."

That's right. His kids, you guys. Just when you thought you could trust your own flesh and blood, they steal your Nutella from right beneath your very nose.
Lucky for this guy, he's friends with a genius like aforementioned Daniel Schobloch, who created a device with acrylic casing and a simple metal lock. (Yeah, that's a true example of MacGyvering right there.)
When word got out that such an invention existed, Dan was quickly a man in demand, and began selling it online with intentions of expanding the manufacturing of the device.
Today, you can buy it directly from him on eBay for €10!
(This is the part where I subtly hint that Christmas is coming, and the top of my Nutella jar is looking pretty lonely.)
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@ButterflyBlu Yeah, boys seem like they're always eating and growing out of their clothes lol.
@ButterflyBlu your minion is just too awesome :)
@buddyesd Thanks! I think he's pretty cool. :D
@ButterflyBlu I want to see a picture of him someday! He sounds cute.
@danidee :) We can work that out!