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China's tight media policies incredibly approved screenings of the film Seek McCartney, a film revolving around the romantic relationship between two male characters, making this the first gay-themed movie to ever make it to mainland Chinese theaters.
The film stars Chinese actor AKA MY FAVORITE MEMBER OF SUPER JUNIOR, Han Geng and French actor Jérémie Elkaïm.
Seek McCartney director Wang Chao took to Weibo to announce that the film had passed China's censors, calling the news "a small step for the regulator and a big step for filmmakers".
The movie is expected to hit cinemas this coming winter.
The Dead End, a Chinese film featuring a 'passionate kiss' between two male characters, was also given the OK for cinemas earlier this year.

Woo China!!!

But we know any award or acclaim Han Geng gets for this film really is all going to Heechul, right?

Whooo China! Welcome to the 21st century!! *throws confetti*
awww can't wait to see it
I'm so proud and Hannie is in it too, gosh, my boy has come so far. I'm glad people still think of Heenim in relation to him as well, their bond deserves it
@TMinusEleven Yeah I'm not super up on my Chinese films but I think this was the first one publicly approved for all theatres to screen^^
@monokalisto Heechul still will randomly mention him on radio shows and I love it! They were such good friends :'''(((
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