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You have always loved Text Adventure games. They taught you how to read, spell, and problem solve. They fostered your imagination and creativity. Naturally, when your boss asked you for a new idea, you quickly decided to map out a game that was a lot like a text adventure from your youth.
You presented the idea to him earlier this morning, you said,
"You -- the player -- will be playing someone who is playing a text adventure. You'll have to navigate his life in and outside of the world. The game within the game will reflect the problems he's going through in his real life. Whether they're family or friend problems, our hero will go to video games to deal with his issues. And the actual object of the game is to get him to deal with his problems face on."
You were very excited. This game meant a lot to you. It reflected your life. When your parents split, you turned on the TRS-80 your uncle gave you for Christmas. When your girlfriend left you in college, you forgot about her with Crash Bandicoot. And when work got to stressful, you'd turn on your Playstation 4 relax with Hohokum.
You really wanted to make this game. It would be your masterpiece. So, you stood there with sweaty palms waiting for your boss to respond. And when he did, he said,
"No one will want to play that shit."
Your heart sunk.
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that sounds like cool idea, wow